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We wanted to prove our point:

When we started off in the early 1990s, we were a group of college graduates with great skills across the industry. Three of us had graduated from prestigious fashion institute and a couple of us were management graduates. One among us was a technical guy whom we had named as ‘nerd’. Apparently, one evening the idea of opening a virtual store just came into our conversation and we decided to give it a shot ten and there. The fashion designers contributed with their designs and the computer guy did the store building on the net while the marketing guys chilled with beer and some chicken steaks!

Then the magic happened:

The moment we put up the store, we had an ubiquitous person signing in and asking for the design that we posted. In a couple of minutes we came to know that he was the head of  a designer house in Milan who was impressed with the designs and who was amused with the geeky idea of us opening a store on the internet.

There has been no looking back since then:

Call it luck, call it coincidence or call it destiny. We were well into our first order and how. It kept us busy for hour a year and by the end of it we were so tired that we all left for a well deserved vacation!

The year that was 1999:

The most eventful year in the last century was also the last year of the century for us. We were booked for the entire year up to the beginning of the millennium. What a year. Looking back it feels like a dream. But this is how success happens. One minute you are nothing and the second minute you are raking in millions!

Believe in your dreams:

If you have the passion to succeed and to do the never-done before, you must start immediately. The time is ripe for anything. Dream big, work hard and there is nothing that you cannot succeed in. Don’t take our word for it, try it. You will soon be amazed how the entire universe helps you in your endeavors! 

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