Here are the things that you need to keep in mind when you are shopping online


What does online shopping mean?

Contrary to conventional kind of shopping where you yourself physically go to an actual brick and mortar store and pick and choose your wares and then check them out at the billing counter by physically paying currency bills or through any other mode of payment accepted therein; online shopping is everything reverse. You do not have to go anywhere nor do you physically touch and feel the ware you choose nor can you barrow it to the billing counter. Instead, through your smart hone and with mobile connectivity, you check out pictures of the product and browse the detailed descriptions given along. If you are satisfied that it is indeed the thing you desire, you may drop it in a virtual cart available in the site and checkout. The website will then take you to a page for payment where you can choose any form of payment that you like. You may use a card to pay, or even other applications like PayTM and PayPal. Some of the items may even qualify for COD or Cash on Delivery. Discover more about 7coupons .

If the payment you have made becomes successful, the shopping website will generate a message telling you that your order has been booked and how long before you can expect it to be door delivered to you.If you have opted for COD, then you will have to pay the amount to the bearer of the parcel when he physically comes to hand deliver.Why is COD significant in today’s scenario?It has been seen that when a product has been set on COD on various sites, the response for the item is marginally better that the most other products that are available at great prices. This phenomenon has been noticed for quite well over a period of two to three years.

No bank accounts – no problem!

The logic behind it is that in India, a majority of the population still does not have bank accounts and it is extremely difficult for them to be able to get the benefits of online shopping unless the sites offer cash on delivery mode. After the recent demonetization, a sizeable population now has bank accounts and there is an upward trend seen in the number of online shoppers as well.Online companies have indeed realized that lack of having a bank account must not be a hindrance for shoppers and therefore at least some if not all items are put on COD.
What is the significance of online shopping in today’s scenario?

Here are the advantages of online shopping in a nutshell:

  • It offers a world of convenience by bringing the store to you and that too at any time of the day or the night that you can fancy.
  • It is proven that online prices are better and genuine. One of the credible theories behind is that online stores do not have too many overheads like the real store and thus they can offer great bargains.

  • Online you will find more choice of the ware. Obviously! How much can you store in a brick and mortar set up?!

  • No people bumping into you and no shopping carts tramping your foot and no pesky attendants trailing behind you: Ah! Freedom. You can spend the whole day deciding whether you want that thing for yourself and not have anyone bother you at all. Wow!
  • These are the things that you must take care about:

  • Your privacy is your right:
  • While shopping online, you must be sure that all the details that you provide to the website for example your card details and your delivery address, etc is treated with prudence by the site and that they have their privacy policy in place.

  • What do the reviews say?
  • A little study about what the people say about the website and their experiences about shopping at the website can save a lot of disappointment and heartbreak later. Please read the reviews posted about the shopping site on the internet before jumping to make payments.

  • Customer service/after sales available?
  • You must ensure that the online site has a reliable after sales or customer service in place. a lot of things can wrong between your order and delivery. Therefore, it is important that you keep their numbers and emails handy till the time your parcel is delivered to you sans damage and within the promised time.

  • Refund policy/exchange policy in place?
  • Most websites have a fifteen day trial/exchange period within which you must initiate action for return if you are not satisfied with the product or you want to exchange it for reasons such as size mismatch, etc.

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